How to connect to google talk?


I am using wildfire 3.1.0 beta 3. And my question is how to configure the wildfire server and spark to login google talk through wildefire. Do you have any suggestions ? Thank you


He Qi

Hi He Qi,

you can’'t log in google talk useing Wildfire unless you use a xmpp transport.

Do you want to create a server-2-srever connection between your Wildfire server and google talk?


Hi He Qi,

If you meant to use Wildfire as a proxy to relay your login to google talk, then that is NOT possible. As LG mentioned, this is only possible through an xmpp transport. In case you’'re wondering, xmpp transport is already a new feature issue in GATE-74, but it is flagged as low priority with uncertain launch target. You might want to vote for it

If you meant to login to Wildfire and communicate with users of google talk, then here’‘s what you need to do (in case you didn’'t notice):

First, you have to make sure that your Wildfire server can be resolved by google via DNS. Assuming that you take the default 5269 port, you also have to make sure that the port is accessible by google.

Second, you have to enable S2S from your Wildfire admin console, specifically in the “Server to Server” sidebar link of the “Server” tab. In the “Allowed to Connect” section, you can set “Anyone”. If you set “White List”, you have to insert in the “Domain” box with the default 5269 port.

To test with Spark, login to your Wildfire, then send a message to a user at