How to connect to openfiredb?

iam trying to authenticate external db users to openfire chat.

for that i need to change the property by changing the database table "ofProperty"

But dont know, How to connect to openfiredb

Need more information. Are you using the embedded database or an external database?

Iam using embedded database only.Usernames and passwords in external Mysql db.

So, which version of openfire are you using? If 3.9.x, the the userService plugin would be what you use, but if 3.10.x, then you would have to use RESTApi. I can tell you that using the userService plugin from a script if fairly easy (I’ve done it), and using RESTApi can be done the same way, though the URL is slightly different (change the first userservice to restapi/v1). I will also tell you that the author of RESTApi didn’t suggest using the http interface, but with my setup, I didn’t have much choice.

You can use lynx or some other command line program in your scripts (I only had elinks available to me). You could pull the user names and passwords from your mySQL db, using a command line (I think). Just select the two values and then add them as parameters in the command line to the http command line program. Which OS are you using? If some version of Linux, then I can give you examples that would work.

  • David