How to connect with MySqlDB?

Hi everybody,

When we run the Database manager, how can we configurate it to connect the external Mysql database with wildfire sever?

thanks in advance!


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Hi Killer,
You need to setup the MySql database first means you have to create the database first, then u can continue with the setup.
Go through these steps:

  1. Make sure that you are using MySQL 4.1.18 or later (5.x recommended) ¹.
  2. Create a database for the Wildfire tables:
    ***mysqladmin create ***
    (note: “databaseName” can be something like ‘‘wildfire’’)
  3. Import the schema file from the resources/database directory of the installation folder:
    Unix/Linux: cat wildfire_mysql.sql | mysql ;
    Windows: type wildfire_mysql.sql | mysql ;
  4. Start the Wildfire setup tool, and use the appropriate JDBC connection settings.

Now go to the database manager setup
In the Wildfire setup tool, use the following values:

  • server: jdbc:mysql://[YOUR_HOST]/[DATABASE_NAME]

Read this for further info tml#mysql