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How to create a group in Spark client...?

Hi, I created chat room via spark. everything is done perfectly. But i don’t know how to create a group through spark. Anyone help me.


As far I know, you cannot create a group within Spark Client.

Create a group in OpenFire server instead

You can create a local group in Spark and move/copy/create contacts in there. But he is asking in the Smack subforum, so i guess he wants to know how to make this programatically. Still not sure why he is asking in the Smack forums about Spark.

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Hi, Actually i want to create a group in android application. will you help me …? I referred lot but don’t know how to create a group in my application using openfire smack. In database that have a table for groups that name like " ofgroup" . How to i use it.?

hi wroot, I supposed, Is there any option for make a group in spark that is the way to make group in android application using smack api. That’s why i asked like that. you are correct, i want to make group programatically. Will you help me…? If u give any suggestion ,it’ll be very useful to me.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not a developer. Look through Spark’s source and find it yourself. I don’t think somebody will point it exactly here.

ok thank you wroot.