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How to Create a sub group?

HI All ,

My organization have many member and many organization uit , so I need create some group that include a parent group , and the group also could has some sub group .

for exampe :

Group G1 : m1 , m2 , m3 , G2 , G3 , G4

Group G2 : m4 , m5 …

Group G3 : m6 , m7 …

Group G4 : m8 , G5 …

Group G5 : m9 , m10 …

Is there any solution or suggestion ?

Thanks .

There is no sub group feature in JM as far as i know. The only thing you can do is to use nested groups if your client support that. Exodus has support for that.

So, if you want G2 group to be a sub of G1, then in JM admin console you create groups:

name: G1

display name: G1

name: G2

display name: G1/G2

" / " sign is a default Exodus sign for nesting, you can define your own. So in Exodus you will see G2 as a sub group of G1. This is only displaying as sub. If you delete group G1, group G2 still be there.

Thanks ,

why not add the sub group feature to JM , this feature is very important to the big company and organization .

Is it very difficult to implement it ?

Hope the JM Team could add this feature in next release version .

Firstly, i’'m not a JM developer

And i think it’'s up to clients to support sub groups first. I mean displaying of nested groups, cause there is no use of sub groups without proper displaying of that in roster, imho.

So, Exodus is the only client having nesting option that i’'ve seen. I have tested about 7 windows clients so far.

So, i dont see any problems in JM with that. Unless for some purpose you need logical connection of groups and sub groups. For example: if you unshare main group, all sub groups unshare automaticly. I mean group properties inheritance.

Hi ,

In a big enterprise or organization , If there is no sub group , the global roster will unfriendly , It’'s very difficult to lookup a member , because the enterpise have a lot organization unit and department , and work group .

aha, subgrouping even in Admin Console Group Summary? Thats really good idea, imho.