How to create admin logins + AD rights req'd

Hey guys, new to Spark IM and currently trying to find out how to create Admin accounts for Spark messenger.

Also, if anyone knows what AD rights Spark needs access to in order to allow clients to update their AD contact details that would be appreciated also.

Thansk in advance guys.

Openfire admins are added to the openfire.xml file on the server. These admins will have access to the server administration website. There are no “admins” for the client. There is no way to allow users to edit their user profile via spark. Openfire server has read-only connection to AD LDAP. Avatars are an exception to this rule. You can set a system property that will allow users to create avatars, ldap.override.avatar, true. If you would like users to be able to edit their own AD profile data you need to look at a third party application such as: