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How to create emoticons paks

Is there a way to create an emoticon pak for Spark 2.5? I have a slew of emoticons that we would like to use but I can’'t find anything about how to build the necessary .plist that needs to go with them.

To create your own icon packs unzip an existing pack, re-create the .plist file with links to your filenames, add some extra ‘‘smileys’’ into for extra emoticons, pack it all up in a zipped folder and add it to spark.

I just did one the other day and it worked fine.

Will give it a try… thanks for the info…

I get a “Not a valid emoticons pack.” error. I have tried using many different packs, and even tried to modify existing ones as suggested. Any other ideas?

are you able to post/paste your plist? dunno if that’'s allowed…