How to create restrictive groups?


I have several organization that use the same wildfire server.

I do not want users from one organization to be able to communicate with users of another organization (as they would on a public jabber server). I do not want them to even know that there are other users of other organization on the same server. I want each organization to believe they have there own Wildfire server, even though there is only one running.

Is it possible? if yes, how?



it may be possible using a plugin like the Content Filter Plugin and I think it was discussed but not realized before. The plugin itself must know which users belong to which organization and block or allow the traffic. So the question is where one can query the information to distinguish the orgs, the client IP address could be fine.


Hello it2000,

Thank you for your answer.

However my fear is that the content filter plugin blocks all messages that contain a content, even if they are not adressed to someone restricted. example: I am and I am sending a message to mentioning somewhere in themessage… This message should not be blocked. But I fear content filter plug-in would block it.

I was thinking of using the concept of privacy lists, but I did not managed to have them working with Wildfire.

Moerover, I am not 100% sure it would solve my problem…



the Content Filter itself could be a good base to start, it does not yet offer such functionality. They’'ll all use the same domain anyway as Wildfire does not support multiple domains.