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How to create Spark package with configuration


I need to prepare a package with configure settings. I think about server, port ,sso etc.

I would like to deploy a spark in Active directory environment - for about 500 users, and I can set default server name, port, sso in instalation package.

In msi I can’t find a option about server name and port.

Could You help me?


The way I deployed was to do it through a GPO, it is relativelyeasy to do, as far as configuration goes I copied the config file over to the NETLOGIN folder were the msi was, and left the username and password blank and used a bat file that was executed at the login that copied the file over to the right folder along with the xml file for the sounds. Later I used a program/software we have called Profile Make (No longer made) to perform that task with more granularity in regards to who gets it, but all in all a GPO and login script works fine and should work for your needs. I can try to help you in more detail if you like. I can send you my bat file that creates the properties files and copies over the sounds xml file.