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How to customize account registration field


normal signing up of jabber account at a server requires only a username and password (perhaps email) but how can i customize jabber account sign-ups with openfire to contain more fields, such as address, date-of-birth, cellphone no.etc?

  1. if i create a web interface for my users to fill in the info, how can i integrate this into openfire?

  2. for jabber protocol, during roster/buddy list downloads, is it imperative for the xml info to contain such fields as well?

thanks so much for any help.


  1. if i create a web interface for my users to fill in the info, how can i integrate this into openfire?

One way is to manipulate the database directly. This will work, but you will run into cache problems if you start manipulating shared groups. In my opinion its the best way to write a servlet and integrate it into your website. You can use Openfire methods directly, so there are no cache problems.

I have written a highly customized version of the registration plugin. The servlet is integrated via PHP-HttpClient , so the website is able to notice if the server/plugin is down an can show a nice and user friendly error message.


  • registration and activation (email authentication)

  • automatic creation of vCard (fullname and email)

  • a new user can chose if he wants to see a shared group ‘‘Jabber Admins’’ in his roster. (one way subscription)

  • ensure user is member of RWTH-Aachen university (has a *rwth-aachen.de email address)

  • ensure strong passwords (sends warning message if user sets a weak password via jabber-client, too)

  • exponential waiting time if entered wrong password

  • change password, lost password (email authentication)

  • invite users by email

  • simple statistics (count of registered and online users)

  • advanced graphical statistics (last 24h, last week, last month), using rrd4j-library and a background thread.

  • delete account

  • ban users from using webinterface (except account deletion)

The webinterface is currently only beta, but will be released in a few days. If someone wants to use this he will have to customize it for his needs. All strings/messages are GERMAN and partially specific for rwth-aachen university. Sourcecode comments and class/variable names are English.

Check https://jabber.rwth-aachen.de/wiki/index.php/WebReg


I have released the sourcecode: