How to customize the openfire to according to our needs

Hello Openfire devlopers,

I am devloper and new to openfire… I want to modify the source code to make it to use our existing server to use for authentication and data storage… For Authentication I found that there is one interface which i need to implement and for user also i found there is one interface avialble… After I implemented these two interface and make chages in Operfire.xml file according two my classes after implemented AuthProvider and UserProvider interfaces.

when I start the server … I am in confusion How to configure my these setting by Admin console.

and which are other interfaces which i can implement and cusmized other things also according to our needs… like for friendlist,Vcard,Roster etc…

How to write extension to openfire give some idea about it.

it’'s easy to do this

first follow the whole process to setup chat client and chat server

when you are done then create any two users from openfire admin console

make online one user in firefox and other in IE

make sure that you have firebug extention added in firefox

see the ajax requestes made by the client to server in firebug so you can get clear idea what exactly interface to use for authentication, to send message, to logout etc

i do not know the recenty released openfire server. i have tried openfire 3.3.1 and MSG client. and it is old

if you have new server installed then it may be happen that it will not work as i said

if you want MSG client and all other information then use this url

I want to custumize in a way that all database and authentication done by our exiting chat server which is not accorinding to jabber protocol. I want to modify or add new class which can communicate with my exiting server for database and user authentications…

I find two interface which I stated earlier for AuthProvider and UserProvider. I am able to authenticate by my server but all other data is not manage by my server. Tell me is there some interfaces which can be implented like I implement the exiting one…