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How to design spark client?

hi there.

first of all i want to tell you that english is not my native language.

cause i am from austria, so my native language is german…so if there is a support in german so i would welcome this hehe.

i am using openfire on a vserver for my lotro community and all members of the community are loving this feature.

we all are using the spark client cause it is very easy to handle and give us all the features we are needing.

but the design of the spark client looks…well…lil bit boring.

especially the spark logo is something that we dont want to see if we are logging in to our instant messaging network.

i searched over the support forum if there is any thread where it is explained to change the login screen. found nothing

so my question is:

is it possible to chance the login screen or the whole design of the spark client and if so…where do i do this?

many thanks


may be you should take alook at this


i hope it will help