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How to Determine if a User Ever Logged in to Openfire

How do I determine if a user ever logged in to Openfire server? We’re using Spark client and Openfire as a communication tool for managers to relay information to staff, and managers want to know if a certain person or 2 has actually ever logged in to his/her account using Spark. I know there is a “last log in” item in the console, but I don’t think that tells me whether a person has EVER logged in???

I couldn’t find “last log in” in the admin console.

However, there is “Last Logout” field. An entry in this field should fairly imply that the user has at least login once because he needs to login first before being able to logout. If the field is empty, there are probably a couple of possibilities: that the user never login, or that the user login once but never logout.