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How to determine the presence of publisher

I am implementing pubsub model using openfire and smack , i have created a node and have few subscribers who are subscribed to it.

but how to determine the presence of a publisher ?

i mean if subscribers are online how would i get a notification when publisher gets online. ?s

Presence and pubsub are not related. You don’t actually know who the publisher is (this has actually changed some in the spec more recently, but Openfire doesn’t support the newer version).

Why do you need to know the publishers presence?

well , my application senario demands that where publisher is publishing some content on regular basis and when publisher comes online subsciber needs its prasence so that other decision can be taken based on that.

how about using ?

<presence to='juliet@example.com' type='subscribe'/>

from http://xmpp.org/rfcs/rfc3921.html

I wasn’t referring to the ability to subscribe for presence, only that presence and pubsub are not related.

Pubsub doesn’t tell you who the publishers are, so you will have to know who the publisher is outside of the scope of pubsub.

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