How to disable check updates (via GPO or script)?

We have deployed Spark across some 100 computers. Everytime a new version of spark is released people call our helpdesk about that pop-up message.

Is there a way to disable it?

We deploy Spark via GPO in Active directory, it would be nice if there is a administrative template to manage spark. If not even a pointer to some setting in the registry or some file would be helpful.

Thanks in advance


Use the spark manager to do it within openfire

I did download and install the spark manager…but all it does is to prompt users to upgrade to the new version. I want to STOP this update prompt from appearing. Even if we un-check spark’s check box for notification of “check for updates” we still get the prompt!

There is no option in spark manager…nothing in the “Client Settings”

Are you sure this is do-able?

ok I foudn the explanation in some other thread:


get the file (see link above), unzip it and copy sparkmanager.jar in your wildfire/plugins directory. Then Spark will detect that your server may be used for updates and will no longer use the internet to look for an update.


Hence I uploaded the older version of spark (for my users it is the current version). Now Spark does not prompt them anymore! Wooooo HOOOO!

Thanks a million!

“it would be nice if there is a administrative template to manage spark”

May I second that motion? It would be very helpful to have an administrative template that allows us to set server host name, sso, startup/minimized, etc. settings!