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How to disable Jingle / Voice Chat

We are looking at rolling out Openfire / Spark in our environment, but need a way to disable the voice chat feature either on the Openfire server or the individual clients. Does anyone know of a way to acheive this?


You can disable Media Proxy and STUN server in Openfire, which will block ALL external voip traffic.

But Audio will work for users that are in the same network ( LAN ), what I don’t consider a security risk anyway.

Let me know if ihelps.

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Thanks barata7; I saw your response regarding disabling the Media Proxy / STUN server from a previous message. I really need a way to disable even lan-lan voice chat. Some of my users could attempt to use the feature remotely via VPN and it is easier to just not allow them to ever have the feature than to force them onto my helpdesk.

For our company, I have created a custom install batch file.

The batch file deletes the jingle.jar (and sparkphone.jar depending on version) file from the plugins directory for Spark, after the gui installation finishes. (it also copies the spark.properties file to each user profile on the PCs).


Thanks JayMan!

It took me a few times to realize that the plugin needs to be deleted from the user profile and not just the %installdir%.

Yeh it seems the latest versions of spark actually copy & unpack the plugins to the user profile directory instead of the install directory… This would have been done as restricted users couldn’t unpack the plugins to the install directory unless default folder permissions were changed (also part of my install script).

If you can delete the plugins from the install directory before Spark is run by any users, there will only be the 1 spot to remove it from… But yeh, if its already been run then you will have to clean up the user profiles also.

Glad i could help though!