How to do this?

Hey Guys,

I’m very new to XIFF and to XMPP as well. Have to make this client and due to some poor docs cannot get anywhere. Am using AS3 btw…

Need to do this:

  1. Need to know the user’s presence status at any time. No cannot use the roster events.

  2. Need to know the rooms available before entering any room. Like names of all the rooms.

  3. User information, like fullname, nickname etc.

Have tried these:

roster.getPresence(jid)… always returns null

tried to read the discussion on room discovery… but would really help if some code hints are available.

Any help would be appreciated guys.

Thanks a lot.
botz-openfire-3.4.jar (4711 Bytes)

For your number 2. here is a code which will allow you to do that:

Hey Pazzmaya, I’ve been to that site and yeah most of the things that have been done there are really helpful. Anyways thanks for the reply… i got what i was looking for … I was hoping if you could help with this query though…

when u log into the chat server… how do u get the user info for the logged in user?? Like a display name and full name and nickname and etc. And finally … how do you broadcast an invisible status?

Thanks and Regards…