How to do to clean logs of the plugin I-ball?

Hi all !

I have the plugin I-ball installed in my wildfire, it would like to clean the logs (Conversation among the users customers…) but I didn’'t get to find the option for ist, I think that am forgetting or I am not finding the road.

Somebody can help me.




ps.: Wildfire is a wonderful product !

i-Ball saves logs in database. E.g. if you are using Embedded-db, go to /wildfire/embedded-db/ and look in wildfire.script

all messages are saved in such format:

INSERT INTO IBALLCHATMESSAGE VALUES(130,’‘john’’,’‘mary’’,’‘2006-08-05 13:17:26.451000000’’,’‘cfd’’)

So you will have to delete them manually. Of course while wildfire is stopped.

Thanks Wroot !