How to download the spark source code then compile it and run


Can anyone tell me how to download the full spark surce code.?

when i tried i coudnt take all the source code at the same time.

I need to know how to compile it and run too

If anyone has an idea to do this pls reply me.

thanks and regards


Hi coldfire,

To checkout the Spark source you need a subversion (svn) client, here’‘s a link to a number of them; I’'m partialy to SmartSVN. Once you have the code checked out you can compile and run Spark using the ‘‘ant jar’’ and ‘‘ant run’’ commands respectively.

Hope that helps,


Hi Guys:

I download the sources codes of spark, compile it with ant comments.

all ant can be OK, but it apeared error when i run it witn eclipse, it reported not found

Spark/i18n_spark. Did you know what happend?

another, i find a plugin source codes, and dowloaded it the make out a jar file with build.xml

that existed in sources of spark, but when i put the jar file into plugind directory, there has seem

no felecting when i restart Spark. why ? I had done every steps that needed.

can you help me?


HI rayan.

Thanks for ur information.

Anyhow i downloaded the the soucre code., built it with ant .But the problem now i have is i dont know how to built a exe by install4j.When i tried it with install4j but it only gives the spark uninstall. I dont know how to built the login exe from the install4j.

Any help appreciates


Hi Coldfire,

I must confess I’‘ve never actually built the Spark exe using ant. But, it sounds strange that you’'re only seeing the uninstaller. Are you looking in your SPARK_HOME\target\installer directory? Do you have Install4J installed in c:\Program Files?



Hi rayan,

Yes i have installed the install4j in to C:Program Files,And i also never built the spark exe by ant.

Any how do have any idea how to built the exe by spark



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