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How to enable clustering in openfire 3.6.3?


I was just wondering how to enable the clustering feature in openfire 3.6.3

as I installed all the jar available but I cannot enable it.

I also noticed that it worked before by just adding enterprise.jar which I didnot

find for openfire 3.6.5 ?

I also noticed that in the following post ‘Openfire Enterprise End of Life FAQ’


Any ideas upon how to enable clustering feature in openfire 3.6.3, I am

really appreciated.

Thank you so much.


the clustering and enterprise plugins are no longer supported by igniterealtime. they are not available for download, and will not run in the current release of openfire.

Hi Todd,

Thank you for your respond. I got it.

Then I wondered where I can get the license for openfire 3.5.2 as we

really need the clustering working, YES WE DO.

Any ideas, I am really appreciated, and looking forward to hearing

from you, cheers.


The enterprise plugin is no longer supported. Licenses can no longer be purchased for use with the old plugin. This applies to all versions of the server and the plugin.


the road map http://www.igniterealtime.org/roadmap.jsp is still very interesting:

Version 3.6.x, Q2 2008 - Q3 2008

  • Simplify node installation in a cluster
  • Clustering support in Pubsub and PEP
  • Plugin distribution in the cluster


Its a sad news, Ummmm…

Say if we need to have clustering working, any work around solution ?

or just another dead end.

there are a couple of threads of interest for you then

some ideas but nothing concrete. I haven’t had a chance myself to try this because my position has changed slightly, and to be honest we don’t need clustering for openfire, so it wasn’t high up on my list.

My company has been running openfire 3.6.3 in a cluster for a while, we upgraded to 3.6.3 about a month ago.

We have developed a clustering plugin for openfire. We are trying to make it available as a commercial product, but have not received a response from igniterealtime. Maybe not very helpful, but with any luck there might be some news soon.