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How to enable cyrillic support in jive.audit.log

All messages which have been written down in this file, contains “?” chars instead of national symbols:

??? ????????? ??????? ????????????? ??????????? ?????????

Thanks for the bug report. The audit log was not using the correct encoding. I filed this issue as JM-139 and fixed the code in CVS (so the fix will be in the 2.1.1 release).



The same problem in warn.log:

2005.02.09 20:20:16 Could not route packet

??? “???”


??? ???

Thanks for the bug report. I filed it as JM-165 and checked in a fix to CVS. Log files will now always use UTF-8 as an encoding. It was a challenge to actually verify the fix, but renaming the log file to .txt and then opening it in IE allowed me to verify.