How to enable users to delete messages of a node?


I am encontering a problem while using Smack API to interact with Openfire.

I logged in (with Smack, of course) with user account UA01, create a leaf node, and publish some messages there.

Then I logged in using another accont UA02, get access to the same leaf node and browse the messages listed under the node. These all work. However, when I tried to delete a message from the list, I got forbidden(403) as error response. I also tried to assign UA02 as an administrator, but only to no avail.

But I can indeed delete the message if logging with UA01.

Any thoughts?

Only the publisher, node owner or pubsub admin can delete the published items. I am assuming you are setting UA02 as a system admin instead of a pubsub admin, which is probably your issue.

The pubsub admin is set with the OpenFire property - xmpp.pubsub.sysadmin.jid

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Cool. Yes I set the user account as a system administrator as that’s the only option I found possibly useful on the UI.

Thanks! That’s really helpful.