how to export the user profiles(username,passwords,group informations )from openfire3.3.3 and import to version3.5.2

We met a problem when we update our openfire from version 3.3.3 to 3.5.2: We downloaded the plug for convert the user’s profiles like username and password,but how can we export the user profiles perfectly? Now ,we just exported the user files,but we can not export the groups informations. And we can not input the users in a batch.Thanks !!

What was the problem with upgrading? You can try installing all subsequent versions until 3.5.0 from here

There is no plugin to export everything what i know about. Some time ago it was possible to add multiple users to a group dividing them with comma, but now this functionality is gone.

Hi Greg,

why do you want to export everything and import it again? Do you want to change the database engine (from embedded-db to MySQL)?

The normal way to update is to install the new version (over the old one) and use the existing openfire.xml file (with the database configuration) and update all plugins. Openfire will update the database if needed.


Wroot&It2000,Thanks very much!

My problem is when we update 3.3.3 to 3.4.0,we found there’s a jdbc error,and all users could not login properly.Do you think where’s the problem?Thanks!


you can even execute the update scripts manually. But it will help a lot if you post which error you get.


I ran into this problem updating from wildfire to OpenFire 3.5. No error messages shown but the embedded db from wildfire does not seem to have imported into Openfire.

How does one manually run the update scripts?

Thank you.