How to force presence?

Hello all,

My question is:

I work in the IT department of my company and recently deployed this magnificent tool for everybody in the company with great success.

What I want to know is if I can force my presence as Online even if I’m not. So people can always see me there and ask questions related to it in a more easy way.


You’re wanting to be displayed as online 100% of the time? Or are you wanting it to show you as being available as opposed to away/idle? There’s a setting under Pref:Login:Idle Enabled that will disable you from being shown as “idle”. If that’s not what you meant, where do you want to messages from users to go when you are truly offline, even if you appear online? Generated and sent as an e-mail or sms?

Hello and thanks for the help.

What I want is to appear 100% of the time online. And if someone start “talking” when I’m offline, I can receive the messages later anyway.

If I will reply the messages quickly or not is not the problem, but to appear online 100%.

I was looking for some setting in Openfire, but no luck.

Thanks in advance!


don’t turn off your computer and use a second one and connect there with another resource identifier. Unless you boot both computers at the same time you should be always online. Anyhow you need to check both computers for messages, so it’s not comfortable.

It may be a better solution to add a shared group and display it for everyone (some clients may hide groups with no-one online) and add yourself there.

Maybe you could place an xmpp:JID link on a web page, so the users can see you (just the link) there and click you and ask then questions.