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How to get a user''s full JID in Multi-User Chat?

when a user joined a room, we will received a package like:


but i cann’‘t find where’‘s the user’‘s full jid like ‘‘hag66@shakespeare.lit/pda’’. and haven’‘t nick field clearly, i must split from=’‘darkcave@macbeth.shakespeare.lit/firstwitch’’ to get ‘‘firstwitch’’ as nick.

i’'ve seen the like this in JEP-0045:


but i havn’'t found how to get it in wildfire, anyone can give me some advice?

Real JIDs of occupants are included when broadcasting occupants presences only if you configured the room to show user’'s JID to everyone. By default, only moderators are able to get such information.


– Gato

oh, so so, i’'ve got it, thanks!