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How to get chat history once the fastpath client and spark gets connected based on the chat id?

Hi everyone,

Am using Fastpath client as the client tool and the spark as the client from the support engineer’s side. If a customer comes to chat, the service engineer (Spark side) we want to get the previously done chat history for the particular chat id. How can we do this in spark? Plz its very urgent.

I have retrieved the chat history in the fastpath client. But I couldnt get the chat history in the spark’s side. Plz help me. Any suggestions from u will be highly useful.

Thanks and Regards,


The user id of the fastpath client is a random anonymous name. There may be time where a name is recycled, but this is not always the case. It would be near imposible to link the history on the spark side.

Thank u Todd for the reply. But, I have an idea to do… Am not sure whether the below idea is right or wrong. When the web client and the spark get connected, I will be sending the customer id to the spark end as a message. (This should not be displayed in the spark.) After that, based on that id, I will create a DB connection and fetch the particular chat id and after that I can pull out the history from ofmessagearchive table. Do suggest me, if any other logic is there.

One more thing is I want to send the subject while initiating the chat. Am using my own form to get the username, subject abt the chat. But in the spark request, am not able to get it. Is there any way to get that question(subject) in the spark side?

Thanks once again for your response. Continue ur good work.