How to get login for

Hi All,

How can I get login credential for to create JIRA for Ignite realtime projects?


Henry Saputra

Hello Henry,

welcome to the community. You can report issues in the forum as a starting point for your contributions. These reports will be carried over to Jira by someone. We like to be a little restrictive with respect to Jira accounts to prevent duplicates etc in Jira.

Thanks for your contributions that will come.


Henry – I created an account for you – you should get an email with account details.

Walter – you may not recognize Henry and I hope you don’t mind me adding an account for him directly. He’s a committer on Apache projects such as Shindig so definitely knows the ropes on how to participate well in Open Source projects. If the preferred protocol is for him to report issues in the forum first, I’m sure he’ll abide.


Thanks for the warm welcome Walter.

Thanks for creating the account Matt, really appreciate it

I will search in the community and Jira before filing any issue.

If there is any doubt I will consult to the community via forum to make sure that any problem I saw is a real issue rather than foolishness from my side.

Really interested in actively contributing to the projects and looking forward to work with the ignite realtime developers community.


  • Henry

Hi Matt,

I did not recognize him and we are glad to see him in the community.


It is also nice to see Matt here Long time no seen

Had to check this out myself Hi Matt, Good to see you around

We are all glad to have another contributor

Glad to be here.

Can I say present too? Good to see the old and new gang!!! Keep doing your awesome work and keeping this community alive. Much appreciated everyone!!!

    • Gato

Hi, Gato

Gato!! It must be Christmas or something. Good to see you too