How to get openfire.exe to find JRE at ..\..\jre?

Currently bin\OpenFire.exe looks for JRE at …\jre .

Assuming I know how to recompile OpenFire.exe, how exactly can I change it so that it looks for JRE at this location instead:



I want to run OpenFire.exe from C:\OpenFire\bin\OpenFire.exe

And I want my JRE to be at C:\JRE1.5

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I know it’s not Windows, but on Linux you can edit variables such as OPENFIRE_HOME and JAVA_HOME in the file /etc/sysconfig/openfire. This is then picked up by /opt/openfire/bin/ when starting Openfire. Maybe Windows has a similar setup, hopefully it’ll help. There’s a basic document here guide.html#CustomParameters that touches on the subject.


Windows doesn’t seem to have any kind of dynamic configuration file like the one you mention for linux. The windows version does have a pref_jre.cfg config file, but it seems to be related somehow to the OpenFire installer somehow. I am also unable to tell if that config file is related to the “service” that gets installed or if it actually controls somehow where the JRE is found.

Anyone have more information?

Problem solved.

OpenFire seems to key off the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

It wasn’t working for me because I had another JDK installed into C:\Windows that was overriding the JAVA_HOME variable . This was probably because there was a dll or something loaded in the windows directory that was found before the environment variable.