How to get remote IP address or remote host? sorry for silly question

Hi Guys,

sorry for silly question

I am trying to get remote IP address or remote host in spark of webchat user.

there are two ways i think

1.get IP from spark -> is there any way to get remote ip from spark?

2.edit the parameter from webchat (queue.jsp)

this is the code form queue.jsp (webchat of faspath)

<%@ page import="com.jivesoftware.webchat.actions.ChatStarter,



com.jivesoftware.webchat.util.ParamUtils" %>

<%@ page import=“com.jivesoftware.webchat.ChatSession”%><%@ page import=“com.jivesoftware.webchat.ChatManager”%>

<%@ page errorPage=“fatal.jsp” %>

<script type=’‘text/javascript’’ src=’’<%= request.getContextPath()%>/dwr/interface/room.js’’></script>

<script type=’‘text/javascript’’ src=’’<%= request.getContextPath()%>/dwr/engine.js’’></script>


ChatStarter chatStarter = new ChatStarter();



final String workgroup = ParamUtils.getParameter(request, “workgroup”);

// Add workgroup to session

session.setAttribute(“workgroup”, workgroup);

final String chatID = ParamUtils.getParameter(request, “chatID”);

final String question = ParamUtils.getParameter(request, “question”); --> basicaly i just want to append remoteip or remote host to the question (any idea how to do setparameter?) .

session.setAttribute(“chatID”, chatID);

if (ModelUtil.hasLength(question)) {

session.setAttribute(“Question”, question);


if (!WorkgroupStatus.isOnline(workgroup)) {

response.sendRedirect(“email/leave-a-message.jsp?workgroup=” + workgroup);




// Define the starting paramters for this chat session


  • @param workgroup the name of the workgroup to join.

  • @param chatID the unique id for this session.


chatStarter.startSession(workgroup, chatID);




Anybody can help me?

thanks in advance