How to have user sign in to 2 accounts one on a remote desktop one on regular desktop

Hi I have a user that uses Spark on a remote desktop setting at our company and would like to sign in on her regular desktop. But when I tried to sign her in with her login in and password, it says invalid user name and password. Do I have to delete the remote before she can sign in on the desktop location?

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There is not enough information to suggest you anything. It’s not clear how exactly everything is setup and what doesn’t work exactly. This might a be a network configuration issue. In theory there should not be a problem connecting with the same account from a number of locations. One just needs to go to Advanced menu on the login screen and put different Resource value for every client you want to connect with the same login.

What do you mean by resource value right now it reads Spark 2.7.0?

That’s the default one. Change it to something else. E.g. make it “Remote” on the remote desktop client and “Desktop” on the desktop one.

We found the solutions, turns out the version of Spark we had on the desktop was corrupt and we had to delete and reinstall, she is all signed and and working fine. By the way there was no need to changed resource. Thanks for all the help!

Maybe resources are already different on both clients. You must have different resource values if you want to login with the same user from two locations simultaneously. If not simultaneously, then resource value doesn’t matter indeed.