How to help Spark?

Hi all,

Just a question about Spark Dev. What is the way to make the modifications that I have done effective for next version of Spark ? It’s impossible to upload to the svn.

Thank’s for your answers

I believe you have to sign contributors agreement and send it to Jive. Try talking to Daniel Henninger (jadestorm). You can also participate in today’s live chat (see the counter and link above). To be able to submit changes to svn you have to achieve some confidence in the community or in the mind of developers. Try submitting patches first. By the way, what changes you want to be incorporated in Spark? I recall you were making Spark to remember search services from different servers.

That’s it wroot, saving search services is my goal. I have made some modifications that works here, on my computer and I have posted my changes into this forum, at this place.

I have also tried to send a fax but I had a paper back tellin me that the fax havn’t been sent.

The fax number is told to be 503 961 1047. So, in order to send it to the USA I have sent to +1 503 961 1047.

I will try to send it another time this evening.

It doesn’t matter for me if I’m not allowed to upload onto the svn. In fact, I’m quite a beginer in Java programming (Nevertheless, i’m not so bad in C++) but I just want my add to be considered and juged by someone that can help to improve it … in order to be usefull for Spark (and for me, because I need this feature ).

Thank’s for your answer.