How to implement auto join Muc while going online and retrieve all offline messages?

as i go offline all my offline messages are getting skipped , help me how to get them in sequence also as they were posted ?

I can set up one or two rooms with auto-join via Client Control plugin and it works for me (Openfire 3.10.0 alpha, Spark 2.7.0, both latest builds or close to latest).

is it required to retrieve book marks created for muc room to join them or do you have any other way to join muc room on login ?

Maybe there is a way to auto-join the room without a bookmark (programmatic way), but i’m not a developer and i know only about this way.

but did you also retrieved the bookmarks to join muc room


What do you mean by “retrieve”? Did i get those bookmarks in my Spark? I haven’t checked this time, but usually yes, i do receive them, you can see them in the Bookmarks menu in Spark.