How to Import classes from classes folder to Plugin Folder

How do I import the classes I have defined in classes/ folder into my plugins folder.

According to the Plugin Guide, All properties/classes must live in the classes/ file. I have done so. I have tried to reference a class called from my plugin. Eclipse automatically made the imports. However, when I build my pugins, I get an error.


import classes.HandleIncoming;

    public void initializePlugin(PluginManager manager, File pluginDirectory) {

package classes;

import java.util.List; public class HandleIncoming {
    public static void performIncoming() {
        String JSON = new FetchNews(NewsItemsID.CULTURE).fetchData();
        List<NewsFacade> newsFacades = new ParseNewsData().doParsing(JSON);
        new StoreData(newsFacades, NewsItemsID.CULTURE);
        System.out.println("Successfully executed for " + NewsItemsID.CULTURE);

[of.javac] /home/clinton/Companion/Openfire/src/plugins/fetchNews/src/java/org/clinton/ope nfire/plugin/ error: package classes does not exist

[of.javac] import classes.HandleIncoming;

[of.javac] ^

[of.javac] /home/clinton/Companion/Openfire/src/plugins/fetchNews/src/java/org/clinton/ope nfire/plugin/ error: cannot find symbol

[of.javac] HandleIncoming.performIncoming();

[of.javac] ^

[of.javac] symbol: variable HandleIncoming

[of.javac] location: class FetchNewsPlugin

[of.javac] 2 errors

[of.javac] 1 warning

[echo] Error building plugin: fetchNews. Exception:

[echo] /home/clinton/Companion/Openfire/build/build.xml:1389: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

Thank you.

There’s a thread at Openfire Plugins - Out Of Tree Example with a link to a sample standalone plugin; that me be useful as a starting point for writing your own,