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How to import the spark project into Netbeans

I saw the documentation of import spark with Eclipse. Only need to do Create project from existing source. I think this project was developed by Eclipse. So it is very simple to import with Eclipse.

Does anyone know how to import the spark project with Netbeans?

HI try this one

  • i) open NetBeans IDE

  • ii) **File ->****New Project–>****General->**Java Project with Existing Ant Script


iii) select Location:

Select folder which has the trunk folder (downloaded Code)

iv) Select Build Folder:

**Navigate to trunk/**build folder and select build.xml file.

After this project Name and project folder will automatically selected.


v) In source package folder menu Click add folder button

Select src folder and select src\resource folder


vi) Java source class path click ‘add jar Folders’ button and add all jars

In class path


In project explorer you will see spark under spark




Building Application :

After doing modifications in java code

•i) Right click on the project and click Build.

It generates the target folder in the project location

In target/classes folder .class files will be generated.

ii) Right click on build file select Run Target->select release.

In build\lib folder all jar files will be generated.

**iii) Go to Target /**Build/ bin click on

startup. bat…application will run