How to increase Client Session Info Cache

I have configured 3 nodes in clustering with openfire using hazlecast. I have used the <``aws enabled``=``"true"``> option

The problme is that session page is crashing on all three nodes and the problem seems to be with “Client Session Info Cache” which is at 1400%.

My question is how can I increase the amount of Client Session Info Cache, whats is the relevant system property?



Anyupdate on that

If there is no system property to increase Client session info cache. Then is there any other mechanism (other than session page of admin console) I can see how may current user are online on openfire? from database or some other channel.


Maybe to late to have a potential answer to this Question.

So I hope this helps someone else.

I ran into the same issue. I only opened up two ports for hazelcast (5701, 5702).

After doing a web search and looking at the logs it seemed as if hazelcast uses more that one port for sharing data.

Looking at my config in the hazelcast-cache-config.xml file.


I noticed the auto-increment was set to true and assume that meant the port use would increase as both machines could not connect to the same ports.

I open ports 5701 - 5800 on both machines in the cluster (port-count = 99).

Pretty sure i don’t need that many however better safe.

This seemed to take care of my issue however i still wonder if each member should specify a different port.


instead of:

It might need to be

I do notice in the admin console under server manger-clustering i can’t see the status of one of the machines in the cluster

Can anyone tell me if my assumption is correct.?