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How to increase java memory beyond 2GB?

We have 12 GB RAM in our openfire server and want to increase java memory beyond 2 GB.

But if we increase java memory more than 2 GB openfire service never starts.

Please guide us how to increase java memory beyond 2 GB



This is a limit of 32-bit architecture. If you’re on 32-bit, you can’t set java memory to > 2GB.


Thanks for the replay.

We are using Solaris 10 (64 bit) with 64 bit jdk. But openfire setup we got was 32 bit. From where we can get 64 bit openfire setup/source ??

Please help.



Hi Shashikant,

it may help to remove the 32bit JRE which was installed with Openfire. The start script tries to locate a JRE. If this is not possible you may want to edit the start script manually and make sure that Openfire uses the 64bit JDK.