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How to increase max file transfer size?

Dear All,

I need to transfer files by Spark. The files are over 4~5 GB.

However currently it is cancelled when transfer size become 256MB.

Please let me know how to increase the max file transfer size ? I could not find any option for this in admin page…

[step 1] you just extract **spark.jar **in spark/lib

[step 2] after that edit file default.properties spark\org\jivesoftware\resource



edit -1 with size you need

for example

10MB = 10485760

100MB = 104857600

1GB = 1073741824

default = -1 (infinity)

maximum is 9223372036854775806 byte = 8388608TB

[step 3] compress you folder spark with zip format

[step 4] rename spark.zip with spark.jar

[step 5] replace spark.jar new with spark.jar old in folder spark/lib

I’ve done steps 1-5 but did not succeed,

after making the change and then overwrite the old spark.jar new spark.jar

I tried to spark double-click the client application but do not pop up

is there anything that ever had?