How to increase openfire java memory in windows 2008 server

I need help to increase java memory in windows 2008 server help is really appreciated.

First, the tip for Windows users.

You should go to the directory where you installed the OpenFire and there, into the bin folder.

Here you have to choose one of two conditions:

1 - If you use OpenFire as a service configured in Windows, create a file with the openfire-service.vmoptions name and place within it the following parameters one below the other as they are.


Recalling that the first parameter tells roughly how much memory the virtual machine for this service will initially book memory and the second is for the most she could reach. Therefore, you can set the first in 1024 and the second with 2048 if you want and so on, but of course, you have to have memory available to it, otherwise the OpenFire nor will start.

2 - If you do not use OpenFire as a service, create a file with the name openfired.vmoptions in the same place and set the parameters as described above in the first step.

3 - Then restart the OpenFire.