How to increase the JVM memory

Hi everybody

I hope you could understand my bad english…I was looking how to change the VM options to mange the memory in a Windows machine. I have some troubles trying to increase JVM memory. I’'ve already created the wildfired.vmoptions text file in the /bin with the lines



but, when I launch the application again, it seems that nothing has changed, from the admin console, the JVM indicates that i just have allocated just 64M and the server is using about 75% of that amount…I have 50 users and I’'m afraid of having troubles if the server reach the 100%.

Please Help me.

Jose Torres (From El Salvador)

Hello Jose,

are you sure that you did a .vmoptions file (wildfired.vmoptions) or is it possible that you did create a .txt file (wildfired.vmoptions.txt)?

If you are running Wildfire as a service you need to name the file wildfire-service.vmoptions - also there no .txt extension.


Thanks man…the problem was the .txt extension of the file, big mistake from me…this time works very well…Thank you again.