How to install openfire


Im trying to install openfire 3.5.1 but not using exe file i have JRE installed in my machine so i dont want use exe based setup and downloaded the zip file but not sure how to install it can any one suggest me some thing here…

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Hello Chandu,

Unzip the openfire and put the attached run.bat file in Openfire Home directory. Using this Bat file You can run openfire without any exe file.
run.bat (105 Bytes)

Hi vishawjeet,

Thx a lot for your reply it worked great…

I have two questions for you here…please clarify me on these…

  1. where did u find this script…

  2. im using claros chat client to connect gtalk they also provided an option to connect to jabber server i installed Gateway plugin in my

local openfire instance. now i want to connect to yahoo using this claros with the help of openfire. here its asking Jabber server address

        and i gave http://localhost:9090 as server address and my yahoo credentials as username and password but its not working can you help

me on this?

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Hello chandu

This script is made by me after viewing this in in linux deployement. I have such requirement.

I not try gateway plugin so I can’t say about this.




you may really want to review the Openfire documentation guide.html and install Openfire as a service after extracting the zip file.

Using a CMD or BAT file is a very bad solution to run a service on Windows.