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How to install smack

it’'s just copy the smack.jar, smackx-debug.jar and smackx.jar to the plugin dir?

i did that, just like with the others plugins (broadcast.jar, registration.jar, search.jar and userimportexport.jar - those are working fine), and it’'s not loading by the jive_messenger. i stoped and started the messenger and nothing. please, some help…



Smack is a XMPP library. You need to write Java code for it to do something! It’'s completely independent from Jive, which is an XMPP server.

sorry for the stupid question.

do you know something ready for use? the jivemessenger server is running okay, but i need an webmessenger client too…

Web messenger client? Don’'t know exactly what you mean. Gaim (http://gaim.sf.net) is the client I use.

what i meant was that i have jive_messenger running okay, but i need that some clients use the web to have access to my server (connect and chat with others users) (jwchat for exemple).

I’'m not familiar with jwchat, but it looks like you have to write the code yourself to interface jwchat and Smack.

Maybe you are looking for Yeti?(http://jeti.jabberstudio.org/)


Hi Rodrigo,

you could use jwchat.war and Wildfire.jar and run both in Tomcat if you want to get a web client.

Spark may be also used as a Java Webstart application via http.

Are you still running “Jive Messenger” or Wildfire?


DL: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/jwchat/jwchat-1.0beta2.war?download