How to install Sparkweb on the Windows Server

Hello guys!

Someone can explain how i install the sparkweb on the windows server? The openfire has been instaled.


Spark web requires a web server to run (i.e. IIS, Apache, etc). You would install the sparkweb folder to a hosted folder of the webserver and configure the html file inside the folder to point at your openfire server. You need to have the appropriate ports and protocols enabled on the openfire server to match your config in the html file. Attached is a sample html file for http-bind connections.
index.html (15755 Bytes)


I’m going to do it.

thank you

I has created the folder like you told me … I has created the IIS service too. Now, when i want to connect with spark web isn’t possible.

Please take a look on the images.

Ps.: I has configured my proxy too, port 80.