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How to install Wild Fire manually without go to localhost:9090?

Because I am using my hosting provider and I already install the .rpm file (linux). Then go to “http://server_ip:9090” but the page cannot display because my hosting provider may block something. I ask them to unblock iptables for port 9090,9091,5222,5223 and tried to browse admin page again. Still cannot display. May be they block something else. The problem is I cannot remote to run “http://localhost:9090” to see what is wrong. So, Is there anyway to install wild fire manually?


there are some ways.

option a -the one I like best-)

Your hoster supports SSH and you can use port-forwarding to access the ports locally.

option b)

Configure Wifi on your local computer and copy conf/wildfire.xml to your server, maybe you need to modify some things. Then transfer the database content of your local installation to your server.

This way may be good for an initial installation but later very hard to manage.

option c)

Which ports are open? Change the defined ports in conf/wildfire.xml to match the open ports. Maybe you need to shutdown a running Webserver. Then start Wifi.

option d)

Your hoster has Tomcat running and offers you to deploy .war files. So you could use the wildfire.war file.


You can use the utility nmap to determine some more information about what ports are open or filtered. Otherwise, it2000’'s suggestion of using ssh is a great option.

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