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How to join a Queue without using the bot? (XEP 0142)

Hello everybody,

I recently started using XMPP and openfire with fastpath.

Right now I am writing my own client that should be able to generate a “support request”.

I know I can simply send a XMPP Message to a workgroup and the bot will ask me some questions…however, in XEP 0142 specifications (http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0142.html#roleresp) is written that there is a iq we can use to join.

However, openfire always sends me a error 500 internal-server-error.

Do I have no other choice but to use the bot?

Thanks in advance!

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XEP 142 needs updating.

Use instead of

Sorry, I am pretty new to this.

What XMPP command is that exactly where I have to use your snippet?

Thanks again in advance

**Edit: **

Okay, I got this to work.

The user is shown as “in queue” and the spark client gives the alert. Thanks a lot

Another important question…how should I have known that I must use a “x” instead of “iq”?

Did openfire work on this and is there a openfire-specific specification on their XEP-0142 integration?

I reall need to know how to work with it from my own application…never would I have guessed that it could be as simple as that…by replacing “iq” with “x”.

Can you give a snippet that you used to make this work? I am having this exact same issue.