How to know user status?

How to know user status ?

if is online or offline?

thank you


do you want to use the web admin console (http://server:9090/session-summary.jsp), ad hoc commands or the Presence Plugin? Or are you interested in a completely different way to get the status?



i am interested in a completely different way to get the status

can be sql query?


Wildfire does not store such volatile information in the database, so using sql is not an option.


so, what are other different way to get the status?


I did mention three ways which work fine. You may also create a web service or as your imagination for some other ways no one did think about yet.

It could anyhow help if you describe your use case.


LG: “Wildfire does not store such volatile information in the database”

Why not?

What do you mean by “volatile”?

Why in principle is it a bad thing to store the user status in the database? Why can’'t we have a “status” column in the “jiveUser” table? It would sure make life easier for a lot of development purposes. I for one would love to be able to read/write user statuses directly on the database.

I’‘m not opposed to other methods (indeed I use a web service for some things already) but, as a SQL Server developer - who is trying to integrate IM with an existing database - it is frustrating to be able to see all these jive tables and not be able to use them to acheive seemingly simple things (like changing a user’'s status, or sending a message) within SQL commands.



The main reason we don’'t store presence information in the database is that it would be a massive performance bottleneck. XMPP server speed is all about processing as many packets per second as possible. If we had to make database updates for every presence change that would slow things down a lot. Will the REST web service style of getting presence data work for your application? You could always write a simple plugin that would insert presence info into the database as a workaround.



Hi Owen,

for me a database is a storage for non-volatile / permanent data which must be save and available after a reboot or server crash and one should be able to create a backup of it. The current presence of a client is something which is far away from being enough important to be stored there.

With enough users you will get presence changes every second and storing this into a database is possible. You may be also interested in the status message with a random length along with the presence to detect “on the phone”. This will produce some load on your database. But as Wildfire is open source you may modify it or even better write a plugin to intercept all presence packets and update a database table.

One may ask Oracle if it is possible to run Wildfire within their database as it has some JVM support .