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How to load AD users automatically?

hi everyone,

I have a question about contact list.

in spark is it possible to load all AD users automatically and when user wants to add another domain user,

it will list while typing name of users like gmail.

I hope it is clear to understand.

I am not sure I fully understand the question, but all my users show automatically. We have 2 groups, corporate and Stores.

Set a main group in ldap.searchFilter and in ldap.groupSearchFilter (in my case is the same group)

What I did, is setup a group called Openfire. This group has 2 more groups as members (corporate and Stores). So I add my users either to Corporate, or to Stores, and they get added to Openfire.

From Openfire the only other configuration is sharing of contact list between groups.

You can do this from:

Users/Groups>Groups>Group Summary (and then select the group)And set “” (I selected all users, but you can specify the groups if you want)

Thanks for response.

When i try to create groups on Users/Groups>Groups, it does not allow to do it.

as i guess it is read only. i am using Windows AD, so it seems as something is wrong with setting of Server.

The server is not configured wrong. It is suppoused to be read only. You manage group membership in AD, not OF. In OF you just manage settings for sharing the contact list. You cannot add the groups thru there. Your users are in Active Directory, so the groups are in Active Directory. Instead create a group in AD called Openfire (you can call it whatever you want) and set ldap.searchFilter and in ldap.groupSearchFilter with that group.

Then add or create the groups that you want in Openfire in AD (you add the groups in AD, not OF), and make those groups part of the openfire group.

After you do that, they will show up in Openfire panel groups.

The idea is to manage the groups thru AD that way you don’t have to manage multiple times the same groups. Creating a group filter allows you to also disable openfire login for some users (which is the recommended way for security). Since I have to add my users to the group, security accounts, or accounts for 3rd party are not included and thus cannot login to chat.

When i wanto change ldap.groupSearchFilter it was written as here objectClass=groupOfUniqueNames

so if i created group name as “OpenFire” then how i will i modify this line ?

you have to enter a filter using LDAP query. For example:

(&(objectClass=group)(memberOf=CN=openfire,OU=40 - Security Groups,DC=YourDomain,DC=com))

Of course, you will do the LDAP that fits the group

CN=group,OU=Organization Group level in AD,OU=Next OU level (and so on),DC=DomainName.DC=com(or whatever last FQDN you have in the domain)

You can use LDAP explorer (free version) to see the structure, but it is easy