How to load custom Module without code change?

I have some custom protocols defined before, and now i want to add these into wildfire.

I have some classes extends BasicModule , such as CustomIQRouter which router my own CustomIQ throughout the server.

now i want to load these Module, i find that i have to add some codes into the loadModules() in the XMPPServer class.

as loadModule(PresenceRouter.class.getName());

but , i do not like this method. What can i do without code change?

can i loadmodules while the plugin initialize?

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the private method loadModule(String module) in the Class XMPPServer is private.

is there any possible make this method to public? and add a method removeModule(String module) and a method getModule(String module)?

so that we can add/remove/get custom module into/from the server.