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How to lock the spark menu

How to lock the spark menu
so that the user cannot modify the login details

which menu are you referring to?


I don’t think that is possible. Spark is made as client to serve someone with credentials. That part which saves is for easying logging in. Wasn’t designed for your use case.

I suggest you make your own client using Smack that will fir your use case which seems unique

The case is not unique. The point is that the user does not change the data entered by the administrator

With no intention to spark a debate, it is. For public client like Spark, the user is the owner of the data and there is no concept of roles and access limit. You might want to find another client or take Spark sources and modify them to your use case.

You can lock edit hostname, also hiding invisible login and login anonymously.

To do this, I use the ClientControl plugin for Openfire
, and also edit the file with the default settings.(path:C:\Program Files (x86)\Spark\lib\spark-core-2.X.X.jar → default.properties)


my spark 2.9.4 screen

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