How to log user''s chat history

Hi All

I am running Wildfire 3.0.1.

I want to log every user’'s chat history . At user end its possible.

But how can I achive this task on server side?


there are

The build-in Audit Policy http://server:9090/audit-policy.jsp which is able to log all xmpp packets, you may need an additional script to make chat logs for every user.

The i-Ball Chat Auditor for Wildfire which I did never test and which may have some problems (search the forum for stops logging).

Datasink is an implementation of JEP-0136 (Message Archiving) written in perl (what else?). Datasink uses MySQL as storage backend and is available here: As far as I know nobody did try to set it up together with Wildfire.


I have enabled Audit Policy and I got the log files but I don’'t have any script to filter these log. Can u give me any script for this?

I have installed I-Ball Chat Aduitor but its not working.

There’'s also Wildfire Enterprise.



Enterprise version is great. If you have bugget for it, go with Enterprise for worry free. If you don’‘t have bugget for it, go with open source and iball. The package is broken but it’'s fixable (partially). However, their search function is not great and not flexible. If you know how to program, you can write your own search. Just use Iball as the base to write log into database and create script using data from the database.