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How to login simultaneusly?


I am now able to login to my openfire, using an openfire username and password. Now how can i login to yahoo , google, msn simultaneously using smack API.

XMPPConnection connection = new XMPPConnection(“213.152.241.XXX”);
connection.login("testuser@test.com", “test123”);

I am able to do this using pidgin. In pidgin i am able to Add different accounts / transports and also able to logged in to each accounts simultaneously.

I am also able to select a account and go offiline and change status. How is it poosible using smack?

How is it possible to close the connect / disconnect each connection?



Smack is only a jabber/xmpp client library. It doesnt support other protocols like MSN, Yahoo, etc. Pidgin is a multiprotocol client, that is why it supports everything out of the box. Same with Miranda, Trillian, etc. Smack based client can connect to other protocols if there is a gateway installed on the server fo this protocol. Most jabber clients support such gateways.

Yes you are right.

I have already installed IM Gateway Plugin in My Openfire Server but i want to know how can i make simultanious connection to other IM gateways like yahoo,google,msn uding smack API? My different gateway transport address is now

  1. msn.xenon173
  2. yahoo.xenon173
  3. gtalk.xenon173

Where xenon173 is the domain name of server 213.152.241.XXX.

Do i need to create four seperate connection like below but i think i am wrong. Please suggest me what i have to do?

Thanks In Avdance


XMPPConnection connection_1 = new XMPPConnection(“213.152.241.XXX”);
connection.login(“OpenfireUserName”, “OpenfirePassword”);

XMPPConnection connection_2 = new XMPPConnection(“213.152.241.XXX”);
connection.login(“GoogleUserName”, “GooglePassword”);

XMPPConnection connection_3 = new XMPPConnection(“213.152.241.XXX”);
connection.login(“YahooUserName”, “YahooPassword”);

XMPPConnection connection_4 = new XMPPConnection(“213.152.241.XXX”);
connection.login(“MSNUserName”, “MSNPassword”);